There are a number of things which need to be done before you can start making money in the stock market with your investment club.

For a complete guide on how to set up your investment club, follow the steps below.



The first meeting of your investment club is very important. It is here that you will decide on the details to structure your group.

Meeting Outcomes

Here is a list of things which need to be determined at your first meeting:

  1. Name of your investment club,
  2. Decide on individual roles within the investment club – click here to see more info on roles,
  3. The completion of necessary documents (click on each document to download a template which you can use):
  1. Decide on a regular meeting venue and a schedule for meetings.
  2. Decide on which bank you want to use.
  3. Decide on which stockbroking institution you want to us.




The FNB Money on Call account is ideal for creating your investment club – the only drawback is that it requires a minimum balance of R5000 to open and maintain the account. Otherwise, it offers internet banking (we believe this is a necessity), flexibility in terms of deposits and withdrawals, as well as the ability to transfer money to third parties – in your case your broker or a member resigning from your group or selling units. Documents required include:

  • ID of all members,
  • proof of residences for all members,
  • letter of authority,
  • confirmation of members,
  • minutes of meeting,
  • R5000,
  • signed constitution,
  • signed Appointment of Administrators with Joint General Authority form (download form here).


Standard Bank

Standard Bank offers a group savings account called the Society Scheme account. First 5 deposits are free, all transactions need to be done at the bank and no internet banking is offered. There also needs to be a minimum of 5 members, as well as a minimum balance of R100. Documents required include:

  • ID of all members,
  • proof of residences for all members,
  • letter of authority,
  • confirmation of members,
  • minutes of meeting,
  • R100 opening balance,
  • signed and dated constitution.



There are many stockbrokers in South Africa. Our choice of stockbrokers is PSG as they allow for the registration of club accounts. They are also easy to register with, they have very market related fees as well as a very user-friendly online platform. You can open your account by registering at and emailing the required documents to

When registering your account, one of the executive members of the investment club will need to use their personal ID numbers and details to open the account, however the account will be in the investment club’s name.

Required documents:

  • confirmation of bank account from bank,
  • confirmation of members,
  • copy of member IDs,
  • member proof of residence (main member on the account only),
  • tax declaration certificate (any SARS document with tax number) of one of the authorities on the PSG account,
  • dividends tax declaration (download form here) filled in and signed by one of the authorities on the account,
  • letter of authority (same as for bank),
  • signed constitution,
  • resolution stating authorities on the stockbroking account – only two are required.



The PDSnet Investment Club Software ensures that your investment club is managed from one centralised online location, so that all members can view and actively participate in the investment club. This software comes at no charge to you or your members. It allows you to record and manage your portfolio, your bank transactions as well as maintain a watchlist of shares and discussion forum for all members.

The investment club software also includes EOD and 15 minute delayed prices of JSE shares for a subscription, so that members of the investment club can get up-to-date and accurate JSE data when they login.

To register for your online investment club software, click on the button below which says REGISTER.