ShareFriend Pro offers an extremely user-friendly interface, perfect for both the beginner and professional investor. Having been around in South Africa for many years, ShareFriend has been tried and tested, developed and enhanced to produce the best results in a timely and accurate manner.


Updated regularly with new features.

Technical analysis.

Full technical analysis features.

Fundamental analysis.

Complete financial information for each listed share.

Market scans

Powerful stock market scan facilities.

Portfolio manager

Advanced portfolio manager to manage multiple portfolios.


Run multiple investment simulations in the market.

Stock Market Prices

End-of-day & hourly price updates. The most accurate database of stock market prices available.


Stock Market data back to 1985.


Technical support, available throughout the day.


Technical Analysis

A powerful technical analysis charting package, the ShareFriend software is able to add multiple moving averages, technical indicators, line studies, charting styles and more to any chart. As well as this, your preferences and personal analysis techniques can be saved to individual charts, ensuring easy analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis includes all the company information which you might need in order to select the right share to invest in. The ShareFriend software includes the information needed in order to do this, such as a company overview, comments, SENS, financials, yields, ratios, annual growth and directors dealings.

Market Scans

The ShareFriend Pro software has multiple market scanning features, which allow you to narrow down the market and choose the best shares. These scans are user-friendly and easy to read.

PDSnet Opinion Feature

This recently added feature includes an individual, detailed and elaborate description of the shares on the JSE. Written after in-depth study of the company’s financials, SENS and technical formations, these opinions give an overview of the company in the present economic conditions, taking into account their recent results, fundamental ratios and technical outlook.

Portfolio Manager

The Portfolio Manager allows you to track your progress in the market and add stop loss levels to your share holdings. It contains a graph which indicates your portfolio performance as well as the purchase price, the cost, the current value, latest price, latest value, your profit/loss, the record high, a recommended position as well as other important data.


The ShareFriend Simulation feature allows you to test your ideas and make your mistakes on paper before entering the real market.  Simply choose the shares that you are interested in buying, the quantities you wish to buy and let your software do the rest.  By watching this simulation, you are able to get a real feel for what it is like to invest in the stock market.

Economic Indicators

As an investor, you need to keep on top of current economic happenings in South Africa and abroad. The ShareFriend software allows you to do this with various economic indicators available.


At PDSnet we offer support every step of the way. Our team is available over the phone from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Thursday and from 8am to 5pm on Fridays. We offer free face-to-face training at our Bruma offices, and can remote access your computer to sort out any technical problems you may have. We also have a range of help tutorials which will guide you in using your software to the best of it’s ability.

Daily Download

Data includes all JSE indices, equities, financial futures, agricultural futures, warrants, international market indices, unit trusts, ETFs, currencies and commodities. You will have access to an End-of-Day as well as an hourly data feed. Database of prices back to 1985.