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Online Share Market Analysis

The PDSnet Online Charting application offers affordable and efficient online share market analysis. Everything you need to know to buy and sell shares at the click of a mouse. Including the best database of JSE share prices in the country, combined with a comprehensive online investment course, a portfolio manager and market scans, you’ll soon be on your way to building a winning portfolio of shares.

Did you know that high quality blue chip shares double in value every 4.5 years?
Is your bank giving you that return?

The software includes a comprehensive course of 31 modules. The course has been written with the objective of teaching everything from the very basics of investment to the technical indicators in your software and how they generate buy and sell signals in the market.

Set alerts within the software so that you don’t miss out when a share meets your target price. And view up-to-date and detailed analysis on every share listed on the JSE in the Opinions feature.

Set alerts within the software so that you don’t miss out when a share meets your target price. And view up-to-date and detailed analysis on every share listed on the JSE in the Opinions feature.

The software has been designed to help you choose winners in the market, and time your transactions to get in at the right time to let your profits run. Using the many technical features within the software, you will be able to build a successful and profitable portfolio.

As the software is browser-based, access it from any device at anytime. This includes Apple products, desktop computers, tablets or any smart device.

With the help of this analytical tool, you will be able to get to that point where your investments earn you more in a month than your salary. This is the first level of financial independence, and the only way to ensure a comfortable and early retirement.

Our online investment course is connected to our stock market glossary – the largest glossary of stock market terms in the country. So every lecture module links to the individual glossary terms available, ensuring your vocabulary in the financial world is improved and at it’s best.


  • 15 minute delayed JSE prices
  • High quality Database of prices, indices and other data streams
  • Financial and Technical Analysis
  • Expert Analysis and Opinion on Each Listed Company
  • User-friendly Platform from any Device
  • Market Scans and Filters
  • Unit Trust Filter
  • Portfolio Manager, Watchlist & Alerts
  • A complete and comprehensive Online Investment Course
  • Full Support via Telephone, Email or Face-to-Face

Data includes all JSE share prices, indices, equities, financial futures, agricultural futures, warrants, international market indices, unit trusts, ETFs, currencies and commodities, an End-of-Day and 15 minute delayed data feed and a database of prices back to 1985.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has an interest in investing in shares on the JSE.

No, the software comes with an extremely comprehensive investment course aimed at the beginner in the market. It links to the PDSnet stock market glossary which is the largest and most up-to-date in South Africa.

Unfortunately not. This software is not a trading platform. You will need to open an account with one of the many stockbroking firms in South Africa. This is easy to do and shouldn’t need more than an email with your ID and proof of residence to our preferred institution. Our software is developed to enable you to analyse the market, manage your various portfolios and keep up to date with the latest on the JSE.



  • R615 per month
  • multiple users
  • no upfront fee

ShareFriend or MetaStock Clients

  • R79 per month
  • single user license
  • no upfront fee

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