List of Glossary Terms

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When a small amount of data is available for testing, the chi-square formula is adjusted to account for the small sample base.
The end of a company's financial year. Most companies have a year-end at the end of December or June or one which coincides with the tax year end in February, but there are company financial... read more
A term which refers to the calendar year which is currently in progress, usually in the context of economic statistics. For example, the level of motor vehicle sales year-to-date... read more
The currency of Japan. The yen is the third most heavily traded currency in the world (after the US dollar and the euro). It began as a free-floating currency after Bretton Woods... read more
(1) The term used by newspapers on their price page for the dividend yield of a company. The dividend yield is the dividends per share (DPS) expressed as a percentage of... read more
The effective yield on debt instruments of different maturities. In general, the longer the maturity of a debt instrument (such as a government bond) the higher the effective yield on it. Drawn... read more
The name given to the JSE's currency derivatives market. The Yield-X, established in 2007, allows the trading of derivative contracts (futures and options) on a variety of currency crosses. These... read more
An Act designed to incentivise employers to employ young people in the economy. The Employment Tax Incentive Act (26 of 2013), which is also called the Youth Employment Tax Incentive,... read more
19 - 10 - 2020
York Timber Holdings (YRK) is a forestry company which owns plantations and processing plants, as well as a wholesaling distribution network. It is the biggest player in the... read more
The Chinese currency. The yuan is the basic unit of the Chinese renminbi. The word "yuan" means a round object or coin and it was originally derived from the Spanish dollar which was in... read more
06 - 12 - 2019
Yeboyethu (YYLBEE) is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) which was formed on 19th June 2008 as a BEE scheme with the objective of holding "A" ordinary shares of Vodacom. It originally... read more