List of Opinions

The PDSnet opinions give a current overview of every listed company and are updated in response to messages on the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS), ur own in-house analysis and articles appearing in the media.

Each opinion gives the company’s nature of business, a summary of its most recent financial statements, a view of its technical (charting) position and our opinion as to its value at the current market price.

The Opinions are updated for interim and final reports as well as quarterlies, trading statements and trading updates. They cover every share listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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S-OCEAN - 21/03/2024

South Ocean (SOH) is a manufacturer of low-voltage electrical cables and an importer of light fittings and electrical accessories. The company has an electrical... read more

SA-CORP - 28/03/2024

SA Corp (SAC) owns a group of 199 industrial, retail, storage, residential and office properties in South Africa plus a 50% stake in a joint venture in Zambia... read more

SABCAP - 07/08/2023

Sabvest Capital (SBV) is an investment holding company which listed on the JSE in 1988. Previously, the company had both ordinary and "N" shares which were very... read more

SAFARI - 20/06/2024

Safari (SAR) is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The company owns 7 operational properties in South Africa - 8 retail outlets and one day-care center with... read more

SALUNGANO - 22/05/2024

Salungano, previously Wescoal, engages in the mining and trading of coal. The company began production in 2021 producing coal from its Moabsvelden mine for Eskom.... read more

SANLAM - 19/06/2024

Sanlam (SLM) is one of the largest insurance and financial services groups in South Africa. It was established in 1918 and demutualised in 1998 and then listed... read more

SANTAM - 15/05/2024

Santam (SNT) is South Africa's largest short-term insurer with about 22% of the market. This means that it does not engage in endowment insurance, annuities or... read more

SANTOVA - 29/05/2024

Santova (SNV) is an international logistics company with 19 offices in 7 countries. The company designs, implements, coordinates, controls and monitors international... read more

SAPPI - 10/05/2024

Sappi (SAP) manufactures paper, dissolving wood pulp (DWP) and paper pulp internationally and supplies products in 150 countries. DWP is used to manufacture clothing,... read more

SASFIN - 16/07/2024

Sasfin (SFN) is a banking group that specialises in various types of finance for small businesses and high net-worth individuals. It was listed on the JSE in 1987.... read more

SASOL - 24/04/2024

Sasol (SOL) is a massive international chemicals and energy company which has its roots in the oil-from-coal technology developed during the apartheid era in South... read more

SATRIX40 - 30/01/2019
The Satrix Top 40 (STX40) is an ETF (exchange traded fund) that tracks the FTSE/JSE Top 40 providing exposure to the 40 largest shares, by market capitalisation, listed on the JSE. The Satrix... read more
SEAHARVST - 16/05/2024

Sea Harvest (SHG) is South Africa's most popular frozen fish brand with about 38% of the market. It is controlled by Brimstone which has a 54,92% stake. Sea Harvest... read more

SEAM - 02/07/2024

This is a very thinly traded mining exploration company. It bought two gold projects in the DRC in 2020. In its results for the year to 28th February 2023 the... read more

SEBATA - 19/12/2023

Sebata (SEB) is an investment holding company with four divisions - software solutions, water technologies, ICT support services and consulting. Their software... read more

SEPHAKU - 19/06/2024

Sephaku (SEP) is a construction materials business in South Africa which supplies ready-mixed cement products and cement to the construction industry. The group... read more

SEREIT - 20/06/2024

Schroder European Real (SCD), Sereit, is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which invests in properties in Europe. The company listed in London and on the JSE... read more

SHBCAP - 24/05/2024

Shaftesbury Capital is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which invests in properties in London's West End including Covent Garden, Carnaby, Chinatown and Fitzrovia.... read more

SHOPRIT - 14/04/2024

Shoprite (SHP) is the largest grocery retailer and consumer goods company in Africa. Intense price competition has prevented supermarkets from passing on price... read more

SIBANYE-S - 03/07/2024

Sibanye (SSW) is a mining house which has been on a rapid acquisition trail accumulating platinum and gold mines in South Africa and America and is now broadening... read more

SILVERB - 15/09/2022

Silverbridge (SVB) is a small IT and communications company which focuses on the financial sector. The company operates in 4 divisions - software, outsourcing,... read more

SIRIUS - 04/06/2024

Sirius (SRE) is a real estate investment trust (REIT), listed on the JSE and the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which specialises in office, manufacturing, and warehousing... read more

SOUTH-PD - 15/03/2024

An Australian palladium mining company with a secondary listing on the JSE. South PD owns 70% of a South African company called "Miracle upon Miracle" (MUM). In... read more

SOUTH32 - 23/04/2024

South 32 (S32) was spun out of BHP Billiton in 2015 and contained all of BHP's South African coal assets. It is, in its own right, a diversified miner of base... read more

SPANJRD - 02/10/2021

Spanjaard (SPA) is a thinly-traded distributor and manufacturer of specialised lubricants and related products for industrial and automotive applications. It has... read more

SPAR - 13/06/2024

Spar (SPP) runs a chain of supermarkets across Southern Africa with 2402 stores. It also operates the Build-It chain in hardware and building materials and the... read more

SPEARRIT - 23/05/2024

Spear (SEA) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which specialises in properties in and around Cape Town. It was started by Mike Flax and the CEO is Quintin... read more

SPURCORP - 01/03/2024

Spur (SUR) is a very well-known franchisor with 631 fast-food restaurants. In South Africa it has 559 restaurants (with 80% able to trade during load-shedding)... read more

SSU - 23/05/2024

Previously called Tsogo Sun Hotels, Southern Sun Hotels is a gaming, hotel and entertainment business which has split into separate gaming and hotel businesses... read more

STADIO - 20/06/2024

Stadio (SDO) is a tertiary education institution that offers a wide range of post-school training. The company offers higher education through five universities... read more

STANBANK - 21/06/2024

Standard Bank (SBK) is 160 years old and is South Africa's second largest bank by market capitalisation - after First National Bank. It has widespread interests... read more

STEFSTOCK - 24/05/2024

Stefanutti (SSK) is a South African construction company which offers roads and earthworks, marine construction, concrete structures, bulk pipelines, piling, geotechnical... read more

STEIN-NV - 22/06/2023

This share has been the subject of considerable drama since the Viceroy Report was produced in December 2017. The company has admitted to "accounting irregularities"... read more

STELLAR - 30/08/2021
Stellar Capital (SCP) is an investment holding company with interests in financial services companies (Prescient, Friedshelf and Praxis). In its results for the year ended 30th June 2021 the... read more
STOR-AGE - 19/06/2024

Storage (SSS) is the JSE's only real estate investment trust (REIT) which specialises in buying and running domestic storage facilities in all major South African... read more

SUNINT - 21/03/2024

Sun International (SUI) is a casino and hotel operator with interests in South Africa, Chile, Peru and recently, Argentina. The depressed economy in South Africa... read more

SUPRGRP - 28/02/2024

Super Group (SPG) is a large international logistics group offering transportation to the industrial sector. The company has a policy of not paying dividends,... read more

SYGNIA - 06/06/2024

Sygnia (SYG) describes itself as a "specialist financial services group". It is South Africa's largest provider of exchange traded funds (ETF) and has... read more