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New Frontier Properties (NFP) is listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange and on the Alt-X of the JSE. It is, however, taxed in the UK. It is a property company which aims to invest in properties... read more
Nampak (NPK) is Africa's largest packaging company with interests in South Africa and 10 other African countries. About 60% of its turnover comes from South Africa, but only 36% of its trading... read more
Naspers (NPN), Africa's largest company, is a massive international social media, gaming and IT company whose main asset is 73% of Prosus (PRX) which in turn owns 29% of Tencent - a Hong Kong-listed... read more
Nedbank (NED) is the smallest of South Africa's five big banks with a client base of just over 8 million. It has (10-10-18) separated from Old Mutual (which retains a 19,9% stake in it) as part... read more
Nepi-Rockcastle (NRP) is a R124bn real estate investment trust (REIT) which operates more than 50 shopping malls in 9 central and eastern European countries, mostly in Poland (24%), Romania (36%),... read more
Net1 (NT1) is a provider of payments solutions and related financial products in South Africa and South Korea. It also sells insurance and other financial products such as micro-lending to its... read more
The Netcare Group (NTC) operates hospitals and medical response teams throughout South Africa and Lesotho. It has 59 hospitals, 4 of which are public/private partnerships, employs 22000 people... read more
This is a South African real estate investment trust (REIT) which has commercial and industrial properties worth R1,41bn and with a gross lettable area (GLA) of 57249 square meters. It owns four... read more
Nictus (NCS) is a furniture and electrical appliance retailer with three stores in South Africa. It also sells short-term insurance through Corporate Guarantee. In its results for the year to... read more
Ninety-One is an asset management company spun out of Investec and separately listed on Monday 16th March 2020. The listing occurred just as the corona epidemic was causing world stock markets... read more
See the opinion for Ninety 1L.
Niveus (NIV) is an investment holding company which is owned 52,3% by HCI (also listed on the JSE). It holds three main investments - 43,75% of Alphawave Golf, 57,39% of La Concorde and 50,1%... read more
Northam (NHM) is a fully empowered platinum mining company which operates in the Bushveld complex. In the current difficult legislative environment where the 3rd mining charter is regarded as... read more
Novus (NVS) is South Africa's largest printing company with 11 printing plants. Until recently, it had the monopoly contract to do all of Media24's printing. With effect from 1-4-18, that contract... read more
Imuniti Holdings (NUT), or Nutrition, is a manufacturer and marketer of dried foods and water purification which it supplies to the lower LSM and mass feeding markets. It listed on the JSE in... read more
NuWorld (NWL) is an importer and exporter of a range of Consumer goods, especially, consumer electronics, appliances and consumer durables. Its product range includes agencies for Telefunken... read more
Nvest is a financial services group with the following subsidiaries - NFB Private Wealth Management, Independent Executor and Trust, NFB Insurance Brokers, NFB Asset Management, NFB Properties... read more