List of Opinions

The PDSnet opinions give a current overview of every listed company and are updated in response to messages on the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS), ur own in-house analysis and articles appearing in the media.

Each opinion gives the company’s nature of business, a summary of its most recent financial statements, a view of its technical (charting) position and our opinion as to its value at the current market price.

The Opinions are updated for interim and final reports as well as quarterlies, trading statements and trading updates. They cover every share listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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LABAT - 15/03/2023

Labat (LAB) is a 57% black-owned investment holding company which listed on the JSE in 1999. The company buys and improves subsidiaries and then sells them for... read more

LESAKA - 07/02/2024

Previously known a Net1 UEP Technologies, Lesaka is listed on the Nasdaq and the JSE (LSK). It is a provider of fintech products in a number of countries. Its... read more

LEWIS - 30/01/2024

Lewis (LEW) is a retailer of furniture and electrical appliances operating through 807 stores under the Lewis (483 stores), Beares (137 stores), Best Home (144... read more

LIB-HOLD - 19/11/2021

Liberty (LBH) is a financial services, asset management and insurance company which is a 53,6% subsidiary of Standard Bank. It is Standard Bank's "bancassurance"... read more

LIBERTY2D - 15/11/2023
Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which contains the properties spun out of Liberty - most notably, it owns a share in the Sandton shopping mall (25%), Eastgate... read more
LIBSTAR - 27/02/2024

Libstar (LBR) is a recently listed decentralised food and beverage company producing "consumer packaged goods" which raised R3bn in an initial public offer (IPO)... read more

LIFEHC - 20/02/2024

Life Healthcare (LHC) is the second-largest, JSE main-board listed, healthcare company with private hospitals, same-day clinics and surgeries and healthcare companies... read more

LIGHTHCAP - 05/12/2023

Lighthouse Capital (LTE) (previously Greenbay) was one of the Resilient group of REIT's (real estate investment trusts) along with Resilient itself, Rockcastle... read more

LONFIN - 02/10/2023

London Finance and Investment Group (LNF) is a British company involved in management and finance in the UK, America, and Europe. It is listed on the London Stock... read more

LONG4LIFE - 24/04/2022

Long 4 Life (L4L) is an investment company which listed on the JSE on 7th April 2017. It raised over R2bn on listing mainly because its CEO was Brian Joffe, who... read more

LONMIN - 24/09/2020
Lonmin (LON) is the world's third largest producer of platinum group metals (PGMs). These include platinum, rhodium, palladium, iridium, ruthenium and gold. The company sold 681 580 ounces of... read more
LUXE - 27/09/2023
Luxe (Previously called Taste Holdings) consisted of two businesses - a food franchisor and a luxury goods retailer. It had master franchises in Southern Africa for Starbucks and Domino’s.... read more