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Kaap Agri (KAL) is an agricultural company owned 40,9% by Zeder, which is, in turn, 43,7% held by PSG. The company operates through over 190 retail outlets offering... read more


KAP International Holdings (KAP) is a diversified industrial company which produces and markets timber, chemicals (PET and related chemicals), bedding and car... read more

Cartrack was folded into a new international listing under the name Karoo (KRO) on 21st April 2021. It operates a vehicle recovery, insurance, telematics and fleet management company operating... read more
Kaydav (KDV) sells compressed wood-based panelling to the construction industry through outlets in Gauteng, Western Cape and Natal. It also sells packaging materials and machinery through outlets... read more
Kibo (KBO) is an African-orientated energy exploration company listed on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) on the London Stock Exchange and on the Alt-X (Alternative Exchange) on the JSE.... read more

Kore (KP2) is a potash mining company which owns 97% of Sintoukola Potash which has the Kola and Dougou (DX) mining leases in the Congo. Kola has a resource of... read more


Kumba (KIO) is a highly successful iron mining operation which is owned (79%) and controlled by Anglo American. The share price fell because of COVID-19 but has... read more


PSG Konsult (KST) is a well-established financial services group which grew out of PSG's stockbroking business and which now offers a wide range of financial services... read more