List of Opinions

The PDSnet opinions give a current overview of every listed company and are updated in response to messages on the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS), ur own in-house analysis and articles appearing in the media.

Each opinion gives the company’s nature of business, a summary of its most recent financial statements, a view of its technical (charting) position and our opinion as to its value at the current market price.

The Opinions are updated for interim and final reports as well as quarterlies, trading statements and trading updates. They cover every share listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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I-BALTIC - 18/01/2019
The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is a composite index calculated by the Baltic exchange in London and made up of the Capesize, Panamax and Supramax averages. This is a measure of ship sizes. Capesize... read more
I-COMEX - 24/01/2019
The Comex, which was previously the commodities exchange, is a division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). It trades futures and options in a variety of precious and base metals. This... read more
IBEX - 12/12/2023

Ibex Investments is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ibex Topco B.V. and is the issuer of variable rate, cumulative, non-redeemable, non-participating preference shares... read more

IMBALIE - 23/11/2022
This share is now listed as Buka (BKI).
IMPERIAL - 24/02/2022

Imperial (IPL) was a massive logistics and motor business. It operated in 32 European and African countries and employed 27 000 people. The company split off and... read more

IMPLATS - 02/05/2024

Impala Platinum Holdings (IMP), or Implats, is the world's third largest platinum group metals (PGM) producer. It has been suffering over the past 7 years from... read more

INDEQTY - 05/11/2020
Indequity (IDQ) is a short-term insurance company which writes personal line business insurance on behalf of larger insurance companies. The company targets the professional and high net worth... read more
INDLU - 19/07/2023

Indluplace (ILU) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which specialises in residential property, and which is 66,24% owned by Arrowhead Properties. It owns... read more

INGENUITY - 05/05/2019
Ingenuity (ING) is a property development company which focuses on properties in the Western Cape. The company was listed on the JSE in 2007 with the objective of developing properties in the... read more
INSIMBI - 03/06/2024

Insimbi (ISB) is a group which manufactures and supplies specialist products to the industrial sector. They source, buy, package and process ferrous and non-ferrous... read more

INVICTA - 25/06/2024

The Invicta Group consists of five operational segments, namely: 1. Replacement parts, Services, & Solutions: Industrial; 2. Replacement parts, Services &... read more

INVLTD - 24/05/2024

Investec (INL) does specialist banking and asset management in South Africa, Australia, Europe, the UK, and a few other countries. Brexit in the UK has put pressure... read more

INVPLC - 20/05/2022

Investec Plc (INP) is the holding company for most of Investec's non-Southern African operations. It is controlled by the same group of shareholders that own and... read more

INVPROP - 20/05/2023

Investec Property Fund (IPF) is a diversified South African real estate investment trust (REIT) with a R27,2bn portfolio with 92 properties in South Africa worth... read more

IRONGATE - 11/05/2022

Irongate, (IAP), previously Investec Australia Property Fund, is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which concentrates on property investments in Australia... read more

ISA - 26/05/2024

ISA Holdings (ISA) is a small Alt-X listed IT company offering network, internet, and information security in sub-Saharan Africa. The company claims to employ... read more

ITLTILE - 20/02/2024

Italtile (ITE) is a franchisor of tiles, sanitary ware, flooring, and home finishing products - which it manufactures and wholesales itself. The company is controlled... read more

ITUPLC - 06/08/2020
Intu (ITU) is a UK-based real estate investment trust (REIT) which is part of the FTSE 100 index. It was founded by the late Donald Gordon in 2010. It specialises in retail shopping centres located... read more