List of Opinions

The PDSnet opinions give a current overview of every listed company and are updated in response to messages on the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS), ur own in-house analysis and articles appearing in the media.

Each opinion gives the company’s nature of business, a summary of its most recent financial statements, a view of its technical (charting) position and our opinion as to its value at the current market price.

The Opinions are updated for interim and final reports as well as quarterlies, trading statements and trading updates. They cover every share listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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A-V-I - 15/07/2024

Anglovaal Industries (AVI) is a generalised producer of consumer products in the food, cosmetics, and apparel sectors. It has a diverse range of very well-known... read more

AB-INBEV - 09/05/2024

Anheuser-Busch, or AB-InBev (ANH), is the world's largest brewer of beer, operating in both first world countries and emerging markets. ANH trades on the JSE as... read more

ABSAGROUP - 27/06/2024

ABSA (ABG) is one of the largest banking groups operating in Africa. It has well-established branches in 12 African countries and representative offices in at... read more

ACCENT - 14/12/2020
Accentuate (ACE) is a supplier of materials to the flooring, chemical blending, commercial cleaning, water treatment and maintenance industries. It has 5 regional offices in South Africa, 2 factories,... read more
ACCPROP - 18/07/2024

Accelerate Property (APF) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which has 56 properties valued at R12,7bn, split 70% retail, 15% office and 15% industrial across... read more

ACSION - 15/07/2024

Acsion (ACS) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) with properties mainly in the retail sector. The portfolio is worth R8,3bn with a gross lettable area (GLA)... read more

ADAPTIT - 03/01/2022

Adapt IT (ADI) is an IT company, similar to EOH, but smaller. It has activities in the hospitality, manufacturing, energy, education and financial services sectors.... read more

ADCOCK - 22/02/2024

Adcock (AIP) is a leading supplier of pharmaceuticals to both the private and public sector in South Africa. It has also diversified to India and other sub-Saharan... read more

ADCORP - 03/06/2024

Adcorp (ADR) is an employment company with subsidiaries operating in South Africa and Australia. Managerially, efforts have been made in (1) defining and focusing... read more

ADRENNA - 25/08/2019
Adrenna (ANA) is a very thinly traded small real estate investment trust (REIT) with a market capitalisation of R53m which concentrates on property in the Western Cape. It owns two properties... read more
ADVANCED - 29/06/2023

Advanced Health (AVL) is a small Alt-X listed company in the healthcare industry that specialises in day clinics in South Africa and Australia. The company listed... read more

ADVTECH - 26/03/2024

ADvTECH (ADH) is one of three listed commercial educational companies on the JSE (the others are Curro and its separately listed sister company, Stadio). ADvTECH... read more

AECI - 29/02/2024

AECI (AFE) is a leading producer of chemicals and explosives in South Africa. It supplies products for the mining industry, water treatment, animal health, food... read more

AEEI - 14/12/2023

This is a black-owned investment holding company which is itself a subsidiary of Sekunjalo, a company controlled by Iqbal Surve and his family. Surve is a medical... read more

AF-&-OVER - 28/03/2024

This is the holding company of listed company Rex Trueform (RTO) which is also listed on the JSE. Both this share and Rex Trueform (RTO) are extremely thinly traded... read more

AFDAWN - 01/12/2023

Afdawn (ADW) is a small micro-lending company, listed on the Alt-X in 2004. Its share price rose as high as 550c in November 2007, but has since fallen back to... read more

AFENERGY - 12/02/2020
Afenergy (AEY) was listed on the JSE on 30th June 2017 as a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) with the idea of pursuing acquisitions in the energy sector and commercial enterprises.... read more
AFINE - 31/05/2024

Afine (ANI) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) formed in 2021 which specialises in acquiring petrol stations. The company acquired 5 petrol stations in February... read more

AFORBES - 22/05/2024

Alexander Forbes (AFH) is a financial services company offering asset management, insurance, healthcare, retirement, consulting, and wealth management to both... read more

AFRIMAT - 17/05/2024

Afrimat (AFT) is an open-pit mining company that supplies composites, construction materials and other commodities to a range of industries in Southern Africa.... read more

AFRISTRAT - 01/11/2022

Afristrat (formerly Ecsponent) is a penny stock, listed in the venture capital fledgling sector of the JSE. The company presents itself as a financial services... read more

AFRO-C - 05/03/2024

Afrocentric (ACT) is a black-owned investment holding company which focuses on health administration and insurance. Sanlam recently acquired 28,7% of the company... read more

AFROX - 30/05/2021
Afrox (AFX) is the largest company supplying liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and atmospheric gases to the mining and manufacturing industries in South Africa and 7 other African countries. It has... read more
AH-VEST - 16/04/2024

AH Vest (AHL) produces a range of sauces under the All-Joy brand and seeks to diversify into ready meals, soups and canned vegetables. It is the second largest... read more

ALARIS - 13/10/2021

Alaris Holdings (ALH) is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of RF antennas and related equipment. Its products are used in communication, frequency spectrum... read more

ALPHAMIN - 30/01/2024

Alphamin (APH) is a tin mining and exploration company operating out of Mauritius. Its primary asset is just over 80% of Alphamin Bisie Mining which has a tin... read more

ALTRON-A - 21/05/2024

Allied Electronics Corp, or Altron (AEL), is an information and communications technology company which was started by Bill Venter in 1965. It has recently been... read more

ALVIVA - 21/02/2023

Alviva Holdings (AVV) is " of Africa's largest providers of information and communication technology products and services". It has three operating divisions... read more

AME - 03/06/2024

African Media Entertainment (AME) is a company which specialises in running radio stations and whose revenue comes principally from advertising on those stations.... read more

AMPLATS - 19/07/2024

Anglo American Platinum (AMS), or Amplats, is the second largest platinum producing company in the world (after Sibanye), producing a large portion of the world's... read more

ANCHOR - 16/11/2020
Anchor (ACG) is a local and off-shore financial services holding company with primarily three businesses - asset management, private clients and stockbroking. It listed on the JSE in July 2014.... read more
ANDULELA - 09/04/2020
Andulela (AND) is an investment holding company listed on the main board. It has two subsidiaries - 83,6% of Kilken Platinum, a producer of low cost PGMs (palladium, platinum, rhodium and gold)... read more
ANGGOLD - 13/05/2024

Anglogold Ashanti (ANG) is an international gold producer which used to have operations in South Africa (the last of which, Mponeng, has now been sold), and still... read more

ANGLO - 30/05/2024

With Anglo American (AGL), the risk normally associated with commodity stocks is mitigated in two ways. Firstly, the company has diversity of different minerals... read more

ARB - 14/02/2022

ARB Holdings (ARH) is an electrical contracting company that owns property and is involved in vehicle leasing. It owns 74% of ARB Electrical Wholesalers which... read more

ARCINVEST - 10/06/2024

African Rainbow Capital (AIL) is a BEE investment company that was formed in 2015 and listed on the JSE in September 2017. Since it was formed, AIL has invested... read more

ARCMITTAL - 03/07/2024

ArcelorMittal (ACL) is South Africa's largest steel producing company. It has survived where companies like Highveld Steel have disappeared. Arguably, ArcelorMittal... read more

ARDENCAP - 26/10/2021

Arden Capital (ACZ) is an investment holding company registered in Mauritius which specialises in running tourist-orientated businesses in Zimbabwe, particularly... read more

AREIT - 02/11/2023

This is a newly formed real estate investment trust (REIT) which says that its strategy is to, "...invest in yield-enhancing assets and areas that offer consistent,... read more

ARGENT - 28/06/2024

Argent (ART) is a manufacturer and beneficiator of steel and aluminium products supplying a wide range of businesses in South Africa. It also has operations in... read more

ARM - 08/03/2024

African Rainbow Minerals (ARI) is a diversified mining company controlled by Patrice Motsepe, involved in a variety of mining ventures. Its interests include platinum... read more

ARROW - 12/07/2019
ASCENDIS - 31/03/2024

Ascendis Health (ASC) is a South African company which manufactures brands aimed at health in animals, plants, and people. On 30th January 2020, the company said,... read more

ASPEN - 05/03/2024

Aspen (APN) is a pharmaceutical company which trades in 150 countries in a wide range of specialty and branded products aimed at a range of acute and chronic medical... read more

ASSORE - 30/05/2021
Assore (ASR) is a miner of base metals, especially iron ore, manganese and chrome. It has 50% of Associated Manganese (Assmang) with partner African Rainbow Minerals. The company owns a manganese... read more
ASTORIA - 01/05/2024

Astoria (ARA) is an investment company which was formed to give investors exposure to an international selection of equities in developed economies. The share... read more

ASTRAL - 21/05/2024

Astral Food (ARL) is a leading poultry producer in South Africa. The company's activities include integrated broiler operations, where they have a processing capacity... read more

ATLATSA - 19/08/2019
Atlatsa (ATL) is a BEE company involved in platinum group metals (PGM) in the Bushveld Complex. It has a primary listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) and a secondary listing on the Alt-X... read more
ATLEAF - 28/05/2020
Atlantic Leaf Properties (ALP) is a property company, listed on the JSE and the Mauritian Stock Exchange, which has become a real estate investment trust (REIT) and intends to list on the London... read more
ATTACQ - 26/06/2024

Attacq (ATT) is a BEE level 2 property developer that converted to a real estate investment trust (REIT) in May 2018 and has been listed on the JSE since 2013.... read more

AVENG - 21/02/2024

The once-massive construction company, Aveng (AEG), which traded at R69 a share in 2008, was reduced to a penny stock. This sad demise was brought about by a number... read more

AVIOR - 30/05/2021
Avior (AVR) is a capital markets research and trading firm covering equities, fixed interest and derivative markets in Southern Africa. The company claims to have 200 institutional clients and... read more
AWAPROPA - 01/06/2020
AWAPROPB - 25/11/2021
Arrowhead Property (AWA and AHB) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) which owns a diversified South African portfolio and shares in a number of other property companies worth in total R8,3bn.... read more
AYO - 18/06/2024

AYO is a black-owned technology company that was spun out of AEEI and in which AEEI still holds 49,4%. There were suspicious circumstances with a massive R4,3bn... read more

I-AMEX - 18/01/2019
This is an index of approximately 250 shares trading on the ituYSE Amex exchange. The NYSE Amex exchange started life as the “curb” exchange because it consisted of trade in shares which... read more
I-AUSTRAL - 18/01/2019
The Australian All Ordinaries Index is a weighted average of the 500 largest companies trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (sometimes also known as the “Sydney Stock Exchange”).... read more
PHOENIX - 30/05/2021
Phoenix (AXL) is a black-controlled investment holding company whose principal asset is its 100% subsidiary, Standard General Insurance (Stangen). African Bank Investments Limited (ABIL) shares... read more