When you buy shares, you are immediately in the business of forecasting the future. You believe that the shares you have bought will go up. If you thought that they were going down, you wouldn’t have bought them. Your prediction that the share will go up can be divided into two primary areas – the prediction that the share market as a whole will rise (systematic)

Hudaco Bolt On

Hudaco (HDC) is a company deeply entrenched in many aspects of the South African economy. It describes its business model as “principally the sale of replacement parts with a high value-added component”. It has 11 businesses in consumer-related products and 18 businesses in engineering consumables.

Over the years its highly

Where to now

It is now possible to see that the latest downward move on Wall Street is in fact a major correction – mainly because it has fallen between 10% and 20% - at least on an intraday basis. Our expectation, however, is that the upward move on the four days from Friday 28th January to Tuesday 2nd February represent a “bull trap”